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Top 10 Best PHP Frameworks To Use in 2023

Top 10 Popular PHP Frameworks for Web Development for 2023

    Q.1: What are PHP Frameworks?

    Frameworks are collections of libraries and Apis, it always includes libraries with pre-packaged ways and categories, yet as elements for implementing code style patterns. These are wont to produce code and web applications. PHP frameworks are widely used for developing web applications.

    Q.2: Why Use PHP Framework?

    There are several reasons for using PHP frameworks compared to coding from scratch:

    • Faster Development
    • Less Code to Write
    • Libraries for Common Tasks
    • Use proper coding techniques
    • Better performance
    • More secure
    • Easier to Maintain

    The Top 10 best PHP frameworks are listed below, based on popularity and ability to facilitate rapid application development:

    No.1: Laravel

    Laravel is one of the foremost fashionable PHP Frameworks and it had been developed by Taylor Otwell and discharged in June 2011. Laravel is based on the model-view-controller (MVC) bailiwick pattern. Laravel is specially designed to form complicated internet applications that might additionally wear down knowledge binding. It provides high security with its authentication feature, which is one of all the explanations why massive enterprises additionally use it for powering their official websites.

    Features of Laravel:-

    • Authentication
    • Secure Migration System
    • MVC Architecture Support
    • Innovative Template Engine
    • Effective ORM
    • Libraries and Modular
    • Email verification
    • Encryption
    • Hashing
    • Password resets

    Companies Using Laravel:-

    • Big Drop Inc
    • IndiaNIC
    • CIS
    • Innovify

    No.2: Symfony

    The Symfony framework was initially discharged in 2005 and Symfony is a wonderful selection for web applications that require to be scalable. Symfony may be a standard component-based PHP framework with a great deal of flexibility. additionally, Symfony makes use of Twig, a quick example engine with an easy syntax.

    Features of Symfony:-

    • Model-View-Controller based system
    • High-performance PHP framework
    • Large community
    • Session management
    • Code reusable and easier to maintain
    • Refined MVC Architecture

    Companies Using Symfony:-

    • Spotify
    • Trivago
    • Dailymotion
    • Vogue France
    • Vogue France/Netherlands

    No.3: CodeIgniter

    CodeIgniter is another fashionable PHP framework that is most fitted for dynamic website development. because of its lightweight build and hassle-free installation method, it's a perfect framework for PHP beginners. Compared to different PHP frameworks, it is fast. It additionally provides options like security, encryption, straightforward error handling, and negligible PHP adaptation.

    Features of CodeIgniter:-

    • Model-View-Controller(MVC) Based System
    • Full-Featured database classes
    • Session Management
    • Extremely Light Weight
    • Query Builder Database Support
    • Form and Data Validation
    • Security and XSS Filtering

    Companies Using CodeIgniter:-

    • Woodbox
    • Dompet Dhuafa

    No.4: Cake PHP

    CakePHP was discharged in 2005 by Michal Tatarynowicz associated it's an open-source PHP framework that follows the MVC design and helps build web applications quickly. it's quite straightforward to use, has a marginal configuration, and helps build visually spectacular and feature-rich web applications. one of the reasons CakePHP is thus fashionable is its ability to convert themes into plugins with no problem.

    Features of Cake PHP:-

    • MVC architecture
    • Active, friendly community
    • Application scaffolding
    • Code generation
    • Integrated CRUD for database interaction
    • Flexible licensing

    Companies Using Cake PHP:-

    • Cotter Web Enterprises
    • Jabico Enterprises

    No.5: Zend

    t is an open-source web application framework developed by Zend Technologies and discharged on third March 2006, and also the Iranian framework may be an absolutely object-oriented framework which will be extended because of options like interfaces and inheritance. Zend is very customizable and follows PHP best practices.

    Features of Zend:-

    • Adaptability
    • Lightweight
    • Advanced MVC implementation
    • Simple cloud API
    • Data encryption
    • Pure object-oriented web application framework

    Companies Using Zend:-

    • BBC
    • AutoTrack
    • Cisco Webex
    • Serpro
    • Melis Technology
    • Net retail Holding

    No.6: Yii

    Yii may be straightforward to use, a superior, and component-based PHP framework for developing trendy internet applications. Yii is appropriate for all types of web applications creating a universal web development framework. In Chinese, Yii means a ‘simple and organic process,’ Besides an MVC design.

    Features of Yii:-

    • CRUD feature and easy form validation
    • Highly extensible and modern technologies
    • Great Security
    • Shorten development time
    • Easy installation
    • Handling errors effectively

    Companies Using Yii:-

    • Crowdcube
    • Purple – retail
    • YMCA
    • Pastebin
    • Fast Company Events

    No.7: Slim

    Slim may be a fashionable small PHP framework that helps developers quickly produce straightforward however powerful web applications. It focuses on receiving an associate protocol request, invoking a request, and returning a protocol response.

    Features of Slim:-

    • Fast and powerful HTTP routing for designing SEO-friendly URLs
    • HTTP caching for improved website performance and using less cache
    • Secured cookies for improving the security of the system
    • Error handling and debugging for easy testing
    • Dependency injection for controlling external tools

    Companies Using Slim:-

    • Top Web Comics
    • Canine Principles
    • CG Forge
    • Betterplace Academy

    No.8: Phalcon

    Developed by Andres Gutierrez and discharged on the fourteenth November 2012, it's a full-stack PHP framework supported by the MVC design. Written in C and PHP, Phalcon is an open-source PHP framework that absolves to use. a number of its key options are quick fastness, quality management, a universal small-arm, top-notch security, and caching.

    Features of Phalcon:-

    • the fastest framework for PHP
    • full-stack open-source framework
    • provides ORM
    • requires less amount of code for specific task implementation
    • can create an independent framework

    Companies Using Phalcon:-

    • Learn Online
    • Outsmart
    • Marchi Auto

    No.9: FuelPHP

    FuelPHP may be a full-featured PHP framework that was ab initio printed in 2011 and FuelPHP may be a community-driven full-stack PHP framework that's terribly versatile. It supports the MVC style pattern and additionally has its own version - gradable model read controller (HMVC), which adds another layer between the Controller and also the read. With HMVC, duplication is content isn't needed to point out on multiple pages, saving time and memory.

    Features of FuelPHP:-

    • Easy to configure and use
    • FuelPHP is extremely portable, works on almost any server
    • Flexible URI routing system
    • FuelPHP provides RESTful API development support
    • Lightweight ORM model
    • Secure authentication and authorization framework

    Companies Using FuelPHP:-

    • Wan Wizard
    • Front Desk

    No.10: PHPixie

    PHPixie may be an extremely optimized full-stack framework for developing superior web applications. PHPixie implements the HMVC style pattern like FuelPHP and is constructed with freelance parts.

    Features of PHPixie:-

    • HMVC architecture
    • Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
    • authorization
    • authentication
    • caching

    Since PHPixie is comparatively new, it's less fashionable and includes a smaller community of users.


    These are the Top 10 Most Popular PHP frameworks to use for web development in 2023.  All of the above frameworks are likely to stand out in the coming year, as they have wonderful features and advantages.

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    Thank you for reading this blog. I wish you the best in your journey to learning and mastering PHP.

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