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In this blog, we are going to fix Disappeared Mouse Cursor in Windows 10. If your laptop or pc mouse cursor gets disappeared and you are not able to fix that problem then we will see 7 Methods to fix Cursor Not Working on Laptop. 

Fix Mouse Cursor Disappeared Problem in Windows 10

    We will tell you how to fix the Disappeared mouse cursor or not show the mouse cursor. In this case, your mouse will be working just fine but your mouse pointer is just gone and you cannot do anything about it. In that case, this article will help you to fix this problem. Moreover, it will work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

    There are many reasons why your laptop cursor not showing or not working properly in windows. If our mouse cursor will not work properly then it can be incredibly frustrating to us. This problem occurs suddenly while using a laptop.

    You can apply these methods to every laptop and your Cursor Disappearing in windows 10 problem will fix automatically.

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    Let's Start:-

    Method.1:- Check for Physical Issues

    First check physical issues if it is the external mouse then check mouse cursor wire, try a different port, a different functioning mouse, and replace/recharge the battery of the system. If your Mouse Cursor Problem is not solved move to 2nd Method.


    Method.2:- Fix Touchpad Issues

    Sometimes your mouse cursor stopped at one place or does not move just because you have pressed the function keys and disabled the touchpad unknowingly. If that's the case then will have to turn on that disabled touchpad again so follow these steps:-

    • Press the window key then search for Touchpad settings and hit enter button
    • Now you can see the touchpad ON & Off button. Make sure this button is ON if not then press Spacebar Button to ON. In case your cursor is not there then press the TAB button to go on the ON&OFF button.
    • From this method, your Mouse Cursor Disappeared problem will fix. If your Cursor Disappeared problem is not solved then move on to 3rd Method.

    Method.3:- Restart Your System with Keyboard

    If your mouse cursor is not working then first you should restart your system with keyboard, so follow the step to restart your system with the keyboard:-

    • Press ALT+F4
    • Press Down Arrow Key from UP&DOWN four Keys to get Restart option
    • Press Enter to OK

    Now Your system will restart and you will see that your laptop cursor problem has been solved or fixed. If your Cursor Disappeared Problem is not solved then move on 4th Method.

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    Method.4:- Mice and Other Pointing Devices and Update Driver

    • Press Window Key then search Device Manager and hit enter
    • Now go to Mice and Other Pointing Devices first press the TAB button to go on the desktop option then press the DOWN arrow key
    • Then press the Right Arrow key and then go on Your Mouse with Down Arrow key and hit the enter
    • Then you will see Your Mouse Touchpad Properties
    • Then go to the General option with the TAB button
    • Then go to Driver option with right Arrow key
    • Then go on Update Driver with Tab button and hit the enter button
    • Then go on Search Automatically for Drivers option with Down and UP arrow key
    • Then press the Enter Button

    Now, this method will update your mouse cursor driver and it will automatically fix your mouse cursor problem. Remember before applying this method make sure that your laptop is connected to the internet.

    If your Problem is not Fixed with this method then move on 5th Method to Fix Disappeared Mouse Cursor.

    If Your Mice and Other Pointing Devices are Missing then Follow these steps to get back.

    Method.5:- Disable Cursor Driver

    In this method, you will have to disable your cursor driver so follow steps:-

    • Follow 4th Method and Now go to Disable Driver Option given in Cursor Touchpad Properties with TAB button
    • Press Enter
    • After that Enable Driver with the same step 
    • Your Mouse Cursor Problem will fix automatically, if your cursor disappeared problem is not fixed then move on to 6 Method.

    Method.6:- Uninstall Cursor Driver

    In this method, you will have to Uninstall Cursor Driver then Scan for hardware changes to get the driver back so follow steps:-

    • Follow 4th Method and Now go to Uninstall Driver Option given in Cursor Touchpad Properties with TAB button
    • Press Enter and Cursor Driver will Uninstall automatically

    *Please Don't Click on Delete the Software Driver for this device

    Only Press on Uninstall 

    After that Follow These Steps to get back Cursor:-

    • In the device, the manager press the ALT button to go on the FILE option on head
    • After clicking go on Action Option with Right Arrow Key
    • Then Hit enter button
    • You will see the Scan for Hardware Changes option go with down arrow key
    • Hit the enter

    Now your cursor problem will fix. If Your Mouse Cursor does not Come back then follow 1st Method Again.

    Method.7:- Laptop Power button

    If your Disappeared Mouse Cursor problem is not solved from these 6 Methods then you will have to turn OFF your laptop or system directly from the power button or cut the electricity. Your problem will fix automatically when you will start your system again.

    If you will follow these 7 methods properly then your disappeared mouse cursor problem automatically be solved. In case, if your cursor disappeared problem will not solve then follow these steps one by one again. Your problem will fixed from one method. So make sure you followed all methods.

    If your Mouse Cursor Disappears Windows 10 or 11 Problem is not solving then contact with me on Instagram.


    I hope your Mouse Cursor Disappeared Problem has been fixed properly. Cursor Not Working Problem has been fixed or Laptop Cursor not showing Problem has been solved.

    Do you have any query related to This Article, Please mention it in the Comment Section of this Article, We will contact you soon.

    Thank you for reading this blog. I wish you the best in your journey in learning and mastering in Computer.

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