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In this article, you will learn a complete roadmap for the data structure. Data Structure Complete Roadmap. Data Structure tutorial or Syllabus. Data Structures and Algorithms

    Data Structure Complete Roadmap 2023

    In this tutorial, we will see the complete roadmap for Data Structure from basic to advance. Learn Data Structure Roadmap 2023.

    Step 1. Introduction of Data Structure

    What is Data Structure?

    Basic Terminology in Data Structure

    Application of Data Structure

    Types of Data Structure

    Main Data Structure Terminology

    Need of Data Structure

    Advantages of Data Structure

    Step 2. Basics of Algorithm

    What is an Algorithm?

    Types of Algorithm:

    • Search Algorithm
    • Sort Algorithm

    Application of Algorithm

    Time Complexity and Space Complexity

    Asymptotic Notations:

    • Big-O Notation (O-notation)
    • Omega Notation (Ω-notation)
    • Theta Notation (Θ-notation)

    Algorithm cases:

    • Worst case
    • Average case
    • Best case

    Step 3. Array in Data Structure

    What is an Array?

    Application of Array

    Operations on Array

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Array

    Types of Array:

    • Single Dimensional Array
    • Two Dimensional Array
    • Three Dimensional array

    Step 4. Linked List in Data Structure

    What is Linked List?

    Application of Linked List

    Operations on Linked List

    Advantages and Disadvantage of Linked List

    Types Linked List:

    • Singly Linked List:
    • Doubly Linked List
    • Circular Linked List

    Step 5. Stack in Data Structure

    What is Stack?

    Operations on Stack

    Application of Stack

    PUSH operation

    POP operation

    Array implementation of Stack

    Linked list implementation of stack

    Step 6.Queue in Data Structure

    What is Queue in Data Structure?

    Operation on Queue

    Applications of Queue

    Types of Queue in DS:

    • Simple Queue
    • Circular Queue
    • Priority Queue
    • Deque (Double Ended Queue)

    Step 7. Tree in Data Structure

    What is Tree in Data Structure?

    Tree Terminology

    Properties of Tree

    Applications of Tree

    Tree Traversal in Data Structure:

    • Inorder traversal
    • Preorder traversal
    • Postorder traversal

    Types of Tree in Data Structure:

    • General Tree
    • Forests Tree
    • Binary Tree
    • Binary Search Tree
    • AVL Tree
    • Red-Black Tree
    • B-Tree
    • B+ Tree
    • Expression Tree
    • Tournament Tree
    • Splay Tree
    • Generic Tree or N-ary Tree

    Step 8.The graph in Data Structure

    What is Graph?

    Graph Terminology

    Spanning Tree

    Types of Graph:

    • Undirected graph
    • Directed graph
    • Connected graph

    Graph Implementation:

    • Sequential Representation
    • Linked Representation

    Graph Traversal Algorithm:

    • Breadth-First Search
    • Depth First Search

    Step 9. Searching Algorithm

    Linear Search

    Binary Search

    Step 10.Sorting Algorithm

    Bubble Sort

    Insertion Sort

    Selection Sort

    Merge Sort

    Quick Sort

    Bucket Sort

    Comb Sort

    Counting Sort

    Heap Sort

    Radix Sort

    Shell Sort

    Cocktail Sort


    We Learned Complete Data Structure Roadmap. Data Structure Roadmap for beginners. Data Structure Tutorial or Syllabus. Data Structures and Algorithms.

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