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 In this article, we are going to see Complete Roadmap to Learn R Programming. First, we will see what is R programming and the applications of R programming. After that, we will see the Complete roadmap to learning R for beginners to become R Developers.

As we know that R Programming is used in Data Science also. If you want to become a Data Analyst or Data Science then You will have to learn R or Python programming. If you know R Programming then you can go into any field in a high position. So let's start this article without wasting any time:-

    What is R Programming?

    R is a programming language founded and developed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka at the University of Oakland in 1993. It is free software, which means it can be distributed in customized versions, as well as run for various purposes such as research and modification.

    R can be used for various statistical studies, e.g. B. Standard statistical tests, linear and nonlinear modeling, classification, grouping, time series analysis, and others. It is highly extensible and can be used for both graphic techniques and data visualization. R offers an open-source route for research related to statistical methodology. R can be compiled and run on various UNIX, Windows, and macOS platforms.

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    Applications of R Programming:

    • Used in Banking to detect fraud
    • Stock Market Modeling
    • R Used in the IT Sector
    • R in E-commerce
    • Social Media
    • R in Research & Academics
    • Used in Weather Forecasting
    • R Used in Manufacturing

    Features of R programming:

    • Open-source
    • Strong Graphical Capabilities
    • Highly Active Community
    • Cross-platform Support
    • Data Wrangling
    • Comprehensive Environment
    • Distributed Computing
    • Running Code Without a Compiler
    • A Wide Selection of Packages
    • Data Variety
    • Can use for Machine Learning

    List of Top Companies that use R:

    • Google
    • Accenture
    • Bing
    • Wipro
    • Facebook
    • Novartis
    • Genpact

    Roadmap to Learn R Programming

    Step.1: Introduction to R Programming

    • What is R Programming?
    • Applications of R Programming
    • Why R Programming Used
    • History of R Programming
    • R Installation
    • RStudio IDE
    • R Advantage & Disadvantage
    • Hadoop Integration
    • Packages
    • List of R Packages

    Step.2: Basics of R Programming

    • R vs Python
    • R vs Saas
    • Basic Syntax
    • Data Types
    • Data Structures

    • variables 
    • Keywords

    • Operators

    Step.3: Conditional Statement

    • R If Statement
    • If-else Statement
    • else if Statement
    • Switch Statement
    • Next Statement
    • Break Statement

    Step.4: R Looping Concept and Functions

    • For Loop
    • Repeat Loop
    • While Loop
    • Functions
    • Built-in Functions
    • Data Structures
    • Vectors
    • Matrix
    • R Data Frame
    • R Factors
    • Lists
    • Arrays

    Step.5: Advance R Concept

    • Data Reshaping
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • R Debugging
    • Data Interfaces
    • The core of R Programming
    • File Handling
    • JSON File
    • XML File
    • CSV File
    • Excel File
    • Binary File
    • R Database
    • Typecasting

    Step.6: R Programming for Data Visualization

    • Data Visualization
    • Pie Charts
    • Bar Charts
    • Line Graphs
    • Scatterplots
    • Boxplot
    • Histogram

    Step.7: R Programming for ML and DL

    • Regression
    • Linear Regression
    • Multiple Regression
    • Logistic RegressionPoisson Regression
    • Statistics
    • Normal Distribution
    • Binomial Distribution
    • Classification
    • Time Series Analysis

    Step.8: R Programming Projects for Beginners

    • Movie Recommendation System 
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Credit Card Fraud Detection
    • Fake News Detection
    • Uber Data Analysis
    • Article Recommendation
    • Customer Segmentation


    So we have successfully covered the complete roadmap to learning R Programming for beginners. This roadmap will help you to understand the concepts of R programming and what you should learn to master in R Programming.

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