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Laravel Developer Roadmap 2023:- This article will be discussing what we can expect from Laravel 9 in 2023 and how it will change the developer landscape in the coming years. This is a complete guide to Laravel, a framework for PHP developers. This guide will take you through all the basics of Laravel in order to help you create your own projects.

Laravel 9 Developer Roadmap

    Laravel 9 Roadmap

    The guide also includes useful tutorials and links to third-party resources that you can use according to what you need. PHP programming is an open-source, server-side scripting programming language designed for web development. Laravel is a framework that is written in PHP, and as such, it allows for rapid application development. Laravel has been downloaded 5 million times and has more than 3 million users. It is one of the best and most popular PHP frameworks today.

    Q:- What is Laravel 9 Framework?

    Ans. Laravel 9 is an open-source, free PHP web application framework. It is built with a focus on the end-user experience and offers many features out of the box. Laravel 9 is the latest version of this popular framework. Laravel is the perfect tool for creating a robust and sophisticated website.  It's easy to use and offers rich functionality.

    Q:- What is the latest version of Laravel?

    Ans. The latest version of the Laravel framework is 9.1.0

    Q:- What are available databases supported by Laravel?

    Ans. Currently Laravel Support 4 Databases:-

    • MySQL
    • SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL
    • SQLite

    Q:- How to install Laravel 9?

    • via composer
    • laravel alias

    Install Laravel 9 Via Composer:-

    composer create-project laravel/laravel:^9.0 ProjectName

    Install Laravel 9 Via laravel alias:- 

    laravel new ProjectName

    Q:- List some new features of laravel 9?

    • Enum Class
    • PHP 8 Support
    • PHP 8 String Functions
    • New Accessors And Mutatiors 
    • Eloquent ORM
    • Artisan CLI
    • Automatic Pagination
    • Anonymous Stub Migration
    • New Query Builder Interface

    Q:- What are the default packages provided by Laravel 9 Framework?

    • Laravel/breeze package 
    • Laravel/ui
    • JetSteam
    • Cashier
    • Dusk
    • Fortify
    • Horizon
    • Octane
    • Passport
    • Sail
    • Sanctum
    • Scout
    • Socialite
    • Telescope
    • Horizon
    • Valet

    Step.1:- Basic Knowledge

    • PHP
    • VueJs
    • Tailwind
    • AWS
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • Database
    • JQuerry
    • JavaScript

    Step.2:- Basic of PHP Programming

    • Why PHP for back-end development?
    • How big is the demand for PHP?
    • Why use PHP
    • PHP Basic
    • OOPs
    • Traits
    • Interface
    • Class
    • Error Handling

    Step.3:- Basic of Laravel 9

    • How to Install Laravel 9
    • Laravel 9 Requirments
    • Application Structure of Laravel 9
    • Laravel Configuration
    • Laravel Routing
    • Laravel Middleware
    • Laravel Blade Engine
    • Laravel Namespaces
    • Laravel Controllers
    • Laravel Request
    • Laravel Cookie
    • Laravel Response
    • Laravel Views
    • Service Provider
    • Service Container


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    Step.4:- Main Concept of Laravel 9

    • MVC Pattern
    • Laravel 9 Blade Templates
    • Laravel 9 Redirections
    • Working With Database in Laravel
    • Errors & Logging Concept in Laravel 9
    • Laravel 9 Accessors and Mutators
    • Laravel 9 Forms
    • Localization in Laravel 9
    • Laravel Session
    • Validation in Laravel 9
    • File Uploading
    • Laravel Ajax
    • Error Handling in Laravel
    • Event Handling in Laravel
    • Laravel Facades
    • Migration Database
    • Jobless Concept in Laravel
    • Model in Laravel
    • Seeder and Factory in Laravel

    Step.5:- Advance Concept of Laravel 9

    • Laravel Contracts
    • CSRF Protection in Laravel
    • Laravel Authentication
    • Laravel Authorization
    • Artisan Console
    • Encryption in Laravel
    • Hashing in Laravel
    • CRUD Operation
    • Auth System
    • Send Email
    • Notification
    • Database Notification
    • Slack Notification
    • Mobile Notification
    • Real-Time Notification
    • Email Notification
    • Event & Listener in Laravel
    • Advanced Eloquent and DB Operations in Laravel

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    Step.6:- Laravel 9 Concept you should know

    • Guest User Gates in Laravel
    • Laravel Artisan Commands
    • Payments and Cashier
    • Laravel Scout Search and Algolia
    • Automated Testing, TDD, and Dusk
    • Package Development
    • Laravel Pagination Customizations
    • Dump Server
    • Laravel Action URL
    • Gates and Policies Concept in Laravel
    • Third-Party API
    • API in Laravel
    • Laravel Design Pattern


    In this article, we have discussed laravel 9 learning roadmap or Laravel 9 Skill Roadmap to becoming a full stack developer. How to become Laravel Full Stack Developer.

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