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Laravel 9 Interview Questions and Answers in 2023 (Part #2)

    Q. 1: What is named routes in Laravel?

    Laravel named routes :

    Named routes permit pertaining to routes once generating redirects or Url’s additional well. you'll be able to specify named routes by chaining the naming methodology onto the route definition:

    Route::get('user/profile', 'UserController@dashboard’)

            ->name(' dashboard ‘);

    // Redirect from controller

    return redirect()->route(‘dashboard ‘);

    // in view

    <a href="{{ route(‘dashboard') }}">Student</a> 

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    Q. 2: What is “Closure” in Laravel?

     A Closure is an associate anonymous performance. Closures square measure usually used as asking ways and might be used as a parameter in a very perform.

    // so If you take the following example:.


    Q. 3: Lists some Aggregates methods provided by query builder in Laravel?


    Aggregate perform maybe a perform wherever the worths of multiple rows square measure classified along as input on bound criteria to create one value of additional vital that means or measurements like a group, a bag or a listing.

    Below is list of  Aggregates methods provided by Laravel query builder:

    $products = DB::table(‘products’)->count();.

    $products = DB::table(‘products)->max(‘price’);

    $products = DB::table(‘products’) ->min(‘price’);

    $products = DB::table(‘products’) ->avg(‘price’);

    $products = DB::table(‘products’) ->sum(‘price’);

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    Q. 4: What is reverse routing in Laravel?

    Reverse routing in Laravel:-

    In Laravel reverse routing is generating URL’s supported route declarations and it makes your application such a lot additional versatile.

    for instance the below route declaration tells Laravel to execute the action “login” within the users controller once the request’s URI is ‘login’

    // web.php

    Route::get(‘login’, ‘userContorller@login’);

    // blade file

    {{ HTML::link_to_action('userController@login') }}

    Q. 5: What are autoloading classes in PHP?

    Laravel autoloading classes:

    With autoloaders, PHP permits the last probability to load the category or interface before it fails with a miscalculation.

    The spl_autoload_register() perform in PHP will register any range of autoloaders, modify categories and interfaces to autoload albeit they're undefined .

    spl_autoload_register(function ($classname) {

                include  $classname . '.php';


    $object  = new Class1();

    $object2 = new Class2();

    Q. 6: Why do we need Traits in Laravel Explain it?

    Laravel traits:

    PHP doesn't support multiple inheritances. Simply put, category|a category} cannot extend over one class at a time. This becomes grueling once you would like practicality declared in 2 totally different categories that square measure employed by alternative categories additionally, and therefore the result's that you just would need to repeat code so as to urge the task shunned tangling yourself up in a very mist of cobwebs.

    Q. 7: What is Autoloader in PHP?

    Laravel auto-loader in PHP:

    Autoloaders outline ways in which to mechanically embody PHP categories in your code while not having to use statements like need and embody.

    PSR-4 would afford less complicated folder structures, however, would stop the US from knowing the precise path of a category simply by staring at the absolutely qualified name.

    PSR-0 on the opposite hand is chaotic on the drive, however, supports developers WHO square measure stuck within the past (the underscore-in-class-name USers) and helps us recognize the situation of a category simply by staring at its name.


    Laravel 9 Interview Questions and Answers | Laravel 9 Interview Questions and Answers

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